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Leeds, Yorkshire Party Wall Surveyor fees, who pays?

Have you received a Party Wall Notice and are concerned about the costs of instructing a Party Wall Surveyor? Or are you planning on undertaking works governed by the Party Wall Act and need to understand the cost implications?

The building owner undertaking the work is required by law to serve the relevant Party Wall Notices on adjoining owners, they are responsible for the surveyor’s fees for drafting and serving these notices correctly. As a neighbour (adjoining owner) you should receive a Party Wall Notice if the works are governed by the Party Wall Act, you then have 14 days to respond if you dissent or fail to reply a Party Wall Award will be required. Surveyor’s fees involved in agreeing the Party Wall Award and producing the additional safe guards such as a Schedule of Condition will be the responsibility of the building owner undertaking the works.

Party Wall matters and the associated professional fees must be considered at an early stage, overlooking the Party Wall Act or serving incorrect Party Wall Notices can prove costly in both time delays and legal fees.

Lawson Building Consultancy can guide you through the Party Wall process whether you are an adjoinging owner or the building owner carrying out the works. We tailor our services to suit your requirements:

  • Advising building owners on the Party Wall Act in relation to the proposed construction work.

  • Dealing with notifiable work that is on a boundary line, involves adjacent excavation or affects a party structure (party wall or party floor).

  • Acting for adjoining owners who have received Party Wall Notices.

  • Serving Line of Junction Notices, Party Structure Notices, 3 and 6 metre Excavation Notices.

  • Undertaking Building Surveys and preparing Schedules of Condition at Party Wall Award stage.

  • Drafting and agreeing Party Wall Awards.

  • Acting as agreed Party Wall Surveyor

We are located in Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire but undertake Party Wall Surveying across the region, regularly working in Harrogate, Boston Spa, Wetherby, York, Ilkley, Otley and York.

To obtain a fee quotation, please contact Andrew Lawson to discuss your proposed project.

E: M: 07951 211432

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